Kunstner: Det/Den Kæreste
Mål: 80 x 80 cm
Kategori: Foto
ID-nr: 1000.000002
Pris: 10.000,00 kr.

Edition: 1/1. Printet på et 285g/m² fiber baseret, syrefrit 3-lags coated, papir, der er lavet af 100% alfa-cellulose. Indrammet med syrefribagstykke og kasseramme.

Titel: Relationship
I have been thinking for a long time how to subtly convey the feelings of two people, between whom are non-fictional feelings.
My picture shows that the touch of emotions, which true love are made of, does not only include the hands, lips or other parts of body in a physically way. Real love touch us in the heart, but it is seen through the eyes.

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